Technology & Experience

The Reiki Shaki utilizes capacitive touch technology to trigger vibrational subsonic tranducers that have been tuned to the Seven Chakras. The traditional hands-off healing format of Reiki is augmented with powerful full-body vibrations activated at key moments by the healer via skin-to-skin contact. Other settings allow the vibrations to sweep through all the frequencies and swirl the focus across different parts of the recipient’s body. A new voice control, slated to premiere this May, amplifies the recipient’s own voice to vibrate their body to the specific frequencies of itself. 

The workshop series includes:

I. Vibrational Chakra Journey [45min]
II. Tapping Into Your Partner’s Frequency [1hr 15min]
III. Vibrating your way to freedom [1hr 30min]

Artist Bios

Rich DDT has been creating interactive digital installations and performing live electronic music since 2006. He cofounded SF's LoveTech (an event platform for innovation in music technology-based performances), and has been a featured artist at the Exploratorium, Maker Faire, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SF MusicTech Summit, California Academy of Sciences, NASA Ames Research Center, M1 Interactive. His outdoor, solar-powered Pulse of The City won the 2014 SXSW Interactive Art Award for turning pedestrian’s heartbeats into music. Afterwards he curated an exhibition of 18 interactive installations on digital music at the Tech Museum of Innovation. His work has been installed at dozens of major festivals including Lightning In A Bottle, Lucidity, Priceless and Burning Man. Rich DDT's mission is passionately repurposing the latest technology to create an awe-inspiring, open and supportive environment for human connection and collaboration. www.richddt.com

KC Wassner is passionate about helping people reach new degrees of freedom and alignment in their bodies through the healing work of Hands on Guidance. KC is a Master of Reiki TUMMO, CMT, and Certified Palmist. His deep knowledge of the subtle body and vital energy movement makes him an ideal guide for an invigorating journey through the Chakras, awakening the healing forces that we all possess within. www.facebook.com/handsonguidance