"Reiki Shaki awakened all of my senses! It was like chakra tune-up.  I could feel every nerve in my body, every muscle was vibrating, and all of my pain was gone. Everyone should experience this!"
-Jamie Schwettmann, systems engineer

"The Reiki Shaki experience activated forgotten areas of my body calling for attention and healing. What a gift!"
-Jojo Vinton, masseuse, CMT

"It was an incredibly visceral learning experience to explore the connection of sound, frequency and my felt sense of my own chakras.  As an energy worker I was delighted to have such simple and immediate control over specific vibrations as I witnessed its effect on the recipient.  It enabled me to create a masterful and profound experience for the person on the table using the most basic forms of energy - vibration and sound."
-Eric Nielson, EFT and NLP practitioner