Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Reiki Shaki aka ARRT Vibration Table is a touch-activated massage table that induces sound vibrations which stimulate, and then release, specific muscle groups along the spine. The gentle hum relieves anxiety, allowing recipients to reach new levels of clarity and relaxation. Because the Reiki Shaki is touch-activated, it unifies sound therapy and massage, making every stroke a note, and thus allowing a therapist to effectively play the recipient like an instrument. Powerful sound waves assist traditional energy healing modalities such as Reiki and medical QiGong by helping dissipate energetic blockage. Active Resonance Release Therapy aka ARRT is a pioneering new massage technique which pairs with the ARRT Table to create a seamlessly wholistic healing modality.

The Reiki Shaki is conveniently controlled by a smartphone app that displays the beneficial frequencies by color. The included arm band ensures maximum freedom of movement & creative control.

‣ Touch-activated
‣ Relaxes body and mind
‣ Dramatically enhances massage experience 

‣ Controlled via smartphone app

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Rich DDT KC Wassner, CMT/MRT